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Chantäl coaches forward thinking executives to shift their perspective and action, elevating their ability to connect, engage and perform. If you’re ready to be remarkable, accelerate your personal outcomes and thrive, even in demanding situations, read on...

Team Coaching

Chantäl enables teams to connect, collaborate, innovate, and heighten their performance through a variety of approaches, including expertly designed Group or Team Coaching, Group Facilitation and Training. Read more...

About me

Chantäl is passionate about leadership and change. She is insatiably curious about human behaviour and obsessed with understanding what really makes change happen. She helps leaders to master change so they can thrive in our VUCA times.

A successful business leader in her own right, Chantäl serves other leaders as a coach, mentor and advisor drawing on over 20 years of working with disruption, change and transformation.

She is both strategic and pragmatic, and masterful at …

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