Chantäl Patruno

"At the conclusion of the coaching program, I had achieved quite a turnaround with the team - higher levels of collaboration within the work environment and helped the team forge a strong team identity. An unexpected, but very welcome discovery from the whole process was my own improved performance with a newfound passion for helping others to realize and achieve their potential which I intend to explore further. I would not hesitate to recommend or use Chantäl again – she is amazing !"

Senior Manager, NSW Government Agency, 2016

"Thank you for opening up my thinking and helping me recognise and be proud of my strengths. Being able to consider and respond to things differently has been invaluable, during what has been an incredibly busy (and big) time for me at work and at home."

Senior Change + Transformation Program Leader, 2016

"Working with Chantäl for our team building day made everything go smoothly. Chantäl supported us with the design of the day, which at the time looked like a sea of coloured post it notes, and yet manifested itself into an interesting and brilliant agenda. Her insight helped us prioritise what was important at a pace that was realistic and enjoyable. The team enjoyed Chantäl's expertise and thoughtful energy with the delivery on the day."

Head of Partnerships, Marketing and Communications, United Way Australia, 2018

"I had the pleasure to work with Chantäl Patruno as my Executive Coach + Mentor during an intense time in my work and personal life. Chantäl has an intellect, backed with academic reasoning, and combined with her intuitive probing, she showed me brilliant frameworks and strategies to unpack my next steps. She doesn't dominate nor come with egoic grandiose statements. Chantäl is a subtle master of complex scenarios. She showed compassion and truth, held her power and used her extraordinary gift to show me the way back to my inner wisdom."

Founder, Food Tech start up, 2017

"Chantäl's method and approach to facilitation, coaching and public speaking inspires calm, centred and insightful engagement from those being supported and 'inspired'. I use 'inspired' in place of 'educated' or 'informed' as any engagement with Chantäl provides an elevated multi-faceted experience, using 'education' as the starting point but enticing the recipient to both receive her message and experience an upward shift in mood. Chantäl's expertly draws on her physicality, voice, stance and appearance to evoke the above. "

Transformation + Change Leader at a Speaking Event, 2017

"Chantäl is a wonderful change maker, and master of blending science and art."

Transformation leader, 2018

"My Coaching sessions have been professionally executed, with clear communication and organising. Always beautifully held with my coach being a respectful, generous witness offering me an opportunity to reflect and explore deeply, without getting caught up in emotional baggage and allowing self-discovery." "Chantäl created playful space to "dance" in the creative void with thought provoking suggestions - such as acknowledge and honour "the stuckness" in me."

Managing Director of Health and Wellness retail business, 2016

"I felt honoured to have had this opportunity for our coaching and mentoring exchanges and have appreciated the insights to help me achieve my objective of finding that place of sharpened focus in moving forward. Love this coach!! :)"

Managing Director, Fast-growing small business 2016

"I was fortunate to have benefitted both personally and professionally from a coaching program Chantäl delivered in my business a number of years ago. I really enjoyed Chantäl's approach which is to partner with you to co-create and identify and achieve your personal and professional goals. The insights and practical, concrete "take-aways" that I gained after each session with Chantäl were very powerful and I felt confident applying them, with great success!"

Senior Leader, Risk and Compliance division, 2016

"I gained more confidence in my ability to tackle some challenging behaviours in the workplace and saw an almost immediate improvement as I began applying the strategies to the different scenarios that were occurring. Thank You for your invaluable support!"

Senior Leader, NSW Government Agency, 2016

"Thank you for creating a safe space in which I could express my plans, thoughts and feelings. You listened intently, encouragingly and without judgement."

Senior Change + Transformation Program Leader, 2016

"Never before in my working life have I had the privilege of such one-on-one dedicated and insightful attention to my development goals. The coaching delivered to me by Chantäl has been invaluable for my leadership and personal development."

Senior Manager, Government Department, 2011

"You are really good at what you do Chantäl. Your warmth and openness created such a safe and trusting environment that I felt I could authentically open up without fear. We confronted aspects of the doubts that I have and the environment you created during our sessions allowed me to safely explore those. Your astuteness at reading people physically combined with your listening skills are extraordinary. You have a genuine passion for your work which just shines through! You will help many many people to come. Thanks a bunch Chantäl."

Independent small business owner (Food + Wine Artisans), 2015

"Towards the end of last year I was appointed to a new role - the environment and complexity of the role left me questioning my own capability. As a strong advocate of coaching and the need to engage someone outside on the organisation, I approached Chantäl whose expertise in change and transformation and corporate navigation skills I have always held in very high regard. Throughout my sessions with Chantäl I felt supported and encouraged. While my thoughts and ideas were positively validated, Chantäl also encouraged me to explore and build on these and expand myself further using smart questions and techniques."

Transformation Program Senior Leader, 2015

"I was impressed by Chantäl's skill in hearing not only what I did say, but also what I didn't. I think her deep listening skills and sensitive observations created a trust and connection where I felt heard and understood. Chantäl's questions and thoughts were challenging and encouraged me to think through and expand my ideas further and from multiple perspectives. This created an openness to share and work together, to help me achieve my specific outcomes quite quickly. I was also able to renew my personal clarity and confidence while navigating through some choppy organisational waters."

Senior Change Leader, Transformation Program, 2014

"Our session on Wednesday definitely worked for me. Lots of 'ah ha' moments. I am completely rethinking my role. I'm a Happy customer :)"

Executive Leader, Financial Services, 2014

"My coaching experience was extremely positive for me both personally and professionally - this was due in great part to the approach taken by Chantäl. Her clear sightedness and capacity to relate to the way I see the world whilst ensuring I also viewed issues from all perspectives was most refreshing and very helpful for me."

Senior Business Leader, Government Department, 2011

"Chantäl possesses a warm, open, friendly, interested and professional manner which enabled us to quickly build rapport and trust and ensured I was able to realise the full potential of every coaching session. These qualities combined with her keen insights, knowledge and ability to ask just the right questions at exactly the right time to stimulate my own thinking about issues enabled us to get right to the heart of a matter and led to some real "ah-ha" moments for me! Thank you so very much!"

Head of business division, Insurance, 2013

"Chantäl was a brilliantly focused, empathetic and skilled coach. She did not step away from posing challenging questions and provided a supportive and understanding framework for exploring issues and my development needs. It was truly a delight and privilege to have worked with her and I believe I will be reaping the benefits for many years to come."

Senior Manager, Government Department, 2012