Reflections at the half way mark

How exciting! I heard recently that 40 is the old age of youth and 50 is the youth of old age. So here’s to stepping across the half way mark and gearing up for the second, brilliant half of my life.

The first 50 years of childhood are always the hardest

Looking back, I’ve navigated some adventures in my time, including some dysfunctional childhood contexts. What I’ve loved most is exploring our planet – I’ve lived on four continents and found adventures and members of my ‘tribe’ in every corner who have shown up as incredible teachers and friends.

I found parts of myself through these remarkable experiences, having lots of fun, lots of learning – I’ve learned about pain, grit and perseverance and through it all, found my purpose. That magical thing, that everyone is striving for, was in front of me all this time. Knowing who you really are is deeply satisfying.

And the tapestry of my life all came together on this big island home. I wouldn’t change a thing and I’m genuinely grateful for it all. Grateful for the gifts of friendship, parenthood, family, parenthood, freedom, perspective, travel and nurturing my spirit.

Looking ahead, up that stairway…

My intention for my 50s is to practice the fine art of not giving a shit, along with these four Gs … Growth, Gratitude, Grace and Giving Back.

And as my 2018 year of Joy continues, the pressure’s off because apparently if you haven’t grown up by now, you don’t have to :).

“It takes a long time to become young.” -- Picasso

I watched a beautifully delivered Tedx Women talk by Jane Fonda, on Life’s’ Third Act. And I agree. I wholeheartedly reject the old paradigm of age as a metaphoric arch, and much prefer and embrace the staircase metaphor with the upward ascension of the human spirit, bringing with it wisdom and authenticity as we climb up and up and up. That’s why I see this, my 50th year, as my halfway mark … I’m halfway to heaven!

Wisdom from the village

I also asked my inner circle of women to share their wisdom with me at this important milestone. Amongst their beautiful insights, wisdom appeared and whispered in my ear to look back in order to plan forward. I did a little life’s review and pondered what I was supposed to accomplish in my third act? I decided it was time to shed the armour, the stuff that was preventing me from growing into my gifts. Time is short, and unexpected adventures are ahead waiting for me. Time to lay down fresh neural pathways, redefine myself, and finish up the task of finishing myself.

Not only for me, but to make a bigger dent in the world.

So, let the festival of the fabulous fifties begin! And why not … After many years of hard work and my fair share of challenges, it’s time to do the things that I love, with the people I like and the way that I want.

Here’s to Growth, Gratitude, Grace and Giving Back.

With smiles (and smile lines),