It’s not about the shoes

Why does what you wear carry the same importance as what you say and do?

Is there a difference in a social and professional context? If yes, why? Who makes these rules? And what is this all really about?

OK I’ll admit. Sometimes I wear my flip flops (or thongs depending on where you’re from) to race across the Sydney CBD from our office to client meetings. Usually I take my ‘proper shoes’ with me and do a quick change ahead of the meetings but one day I forgot them! Horror!

Arriving ‘high heel-less’ was uncomfortable

Well, actually it was amusing and got me thinking with a powerful reminder about what was most important to bring to my client meetings.

My self. Fully present. Deeply listening. Earnestly engaging in conversations. This was far more powerful than any heels I was wearing! Despite popular belief.

Where is your emphasis?

Who are you being? With how you present yourself, and with how others present themselves to you?

Don’t get me wrong, I love a polished, professional look but surely the essence of who we are in business is more critical when it comes to the crunch. Being a strong, confident woman in the business world takes more than donning heels.

I noticed an article in the Sydney Morning Herald last weekend by Melissa Singer.

She reminds us that dressing for work is more complex for women than men, saying “ultimately women want to be remembered for what they say, more than what they wear”.

What really matters?

In my opinion, what really matters is …. who you are being, how you are thinking, what you are doing that’s smart, purposeful and kind-ful. It’s not about what you are wearing and its never about the shoes.

With gratitude and smiles