Have you ever marvelled at how birds fly in perfect formation?

Consider for a moment ... that entrainment could be within you.

The gravitational pull towards synchronicity is one of the founding principles of the natural world.

It is observable in our everyday lives and immortalised by the theories of Quantum physics. This basic law of physics teaches us that everything in the universe is made up of particles or waves, vibrating like strings at different frequencies. From the cells in our own bodies to the light and sound waves that echo through the cosmos. Within these vibrational phenomena, resonating particles will communicate with, and influence each other.

The vibrational frequency of two objects in contact will frequently fall into sync. When the frequencies are the same, it is called ‘resonance’. But when a vibrational body of a stronger resonance influences another in its field, leading the beat, it is called entrainment.

Entrainment can be seen and sensed everywhere.

Have you seen fish that sway and glide en masse, as if dancing through water to a silent beat? I have always been drawn to this, absolutely mesmerised.

Entrainment can be observed in all animal and plant species. For instance, crickets will chirp in unison, fireflies will flash at the same time and mosquitoes flap their wings together. Imagine that! Each mosquito alters its wing-beat frequency in response to the flight tone of the other, so that within seconds their flight-tone frequencies are closely matched, if not completely synchronised.

I’ve experienced this in the audience at the Sydney Opera House, listening to the incredible Sydney Symphony playing spellbinding music, being entrained into the rhythm they create. Actually, the field of biosmusicology tells us that we entrain to the rhythms around us all the time, even though we may not be actively aware of this.

I believe in the collective, and take a systems approach to everything.

I believe that the collective actions of ants, birds, fish, and human beings, exhibit patterns that are smarter and more beautiful than those of any single individual.

According to science, entrainment exists for the purpose of conserving energy. That is, to feel more easeful. In physics there is less energy used when two objects are entrained with each other. In other words, we expend less energy when we are in step with the surrounding energy. More ‘in flow’. And that is exactly the feeling I have when I’m coaching individuals or small group of people. And the overwhelming emotion that comes with that, is Joy.

When do YOU feel most joyful, most in service, and in absolute entrainment?

Over the summer break in 2017, I walked alone along the beach, waves lapping the shore and the fresh ocean breeze engulfing every pore in my body. In this, my happiest of places, I asked myself an important question: “What really makes you happy?”. The answer that came in a work context was immediate – “when I’m Coaching one on one”.

Being with another person in that sacred space where it’s safe to explore opportunities, wrangle with deep-seated blockers, be heard, and assign personal commitments to the best pathways forward – that’s when I feel most joyful, most in service, and in absolute entrainment.

Then and there I made two commitments to Poseidon, and anybody else who was listening! I would make 2018 my year of Joy, and as part of that I would create the space I wanted in my work-life to re-energise my Coaching practice.

Let the entrainment begin!

So here I am. It’s six months later and my co-founder and business partner at Blue Seed Consulting has returned from maternity leave, allowing me a little time to re-energise this passion of mine. Alongside my first love, the ongoing and exciting growth of our change consulting business, I have developed my own Coaching practice and am ready to continue running both my ‘work love’s’ in parallel, in absolute entrainment.

How good is that!

If you’re curious about my Coaching practice send me a message on my contact page.

And lastly, I invite you now to look up from your device, just for a moment, and ask yourself that important question … “What makes You happy?”

Whatever that is, make sure you’ve got enough of it in your life.


"Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love.

It will not lead you astray." -- Rumi


Onwards and skywards.

With gratitude and smiles